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High School

After completing the primary school program, our graduates traditionally continued learning of the Polish language in a nearby high school at Saturday School of Community Languages (SSCL) Randwick Centre. The centre offered classes for all high school years, including year 12 and the ability to sit Polish as HSC Languages exam.

Unfortunately, in October 2016, the school was closed.

The Department of Education offered the SSCL students to continue their education at alternative school units. The offer was taken up by only a few students from years 11 and 12.

Available learning path

Currently, our year 6 graduates can continue their Polish language education at the following SSCL units run by The Department of Education:

  • SSCL Ashfield Centre
  • SSCL Chatswood Centre
  • SSCL Liverpool Centre

Each of these units offers two learning groups: junior class for students from year 7 to year 10, and senior class for students from years 11 and 12.

Our year 6 students are encouraged to continue their Polish language studies at SSCL for several reasons. First, it’s become a 40-year-long tradition that our graduates continue on their learning at SSCL. Moreover, classes offered by SSCL are free plus they are run to a very high teaching standard, thanks to highly qualified and experienced team of teachers. Also, SSCL year 12 graduates can select the Polish language as one of the subjects for their HSC exam.

When do we meet?

Our classes are run every Saturday during the NSW school year. For term dates and public holidays please refer to our School Calendar for the current year.

School Day (Saturday): 9.00am to 11.30pm
Recess: 10.10-10.20am

Learning Polish at a high school level

After the closure of the SSCL Randwick, The Polish School of Sydney created a high school level class, allowing younger students (year 7 to 10) continue their Polish language studies.

The school management decided to create the high school class in response to requests from several parents, who were unable to take their children to other SSCL units in distant locations.

The high school class is a “joined” class (as it was at SSCL) and enrolments are accepted from students between year 7 and 10. There is a possibility to split the class into two age groups in case a larger number of students enrols.

According to regulations for ethnic schools, The Polish School of Sydney has the right to teach Polish at high school level, up to year 10. All students are registered at the Department of Education. After completing year 10, students can continue their learning at the abovementioned SSCL units, so that they can sit a Polish exam as their HSC Language.

Our curriculum

For more information about the High School curriculum please refer to the High School Curriculum

How to enrol?

For detailed information on the High School enrolment process please refer to the Enrolment Information page 

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